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Persistent ulcerative colitis results in inflammation on the interior lining from the colon. Colon most cancers is usually a regarded complication of Continual ulcerative colitis.

Hereditary nonpolyposis colon cancer (also called Lynch Syndrome or HNPCC) is usually a hereditary colorectal most cancers syndrome exactly where impacted family members can produce colon polyps and cancers, typically in the best colon, inside their 30s to 40s. Clients with HNPCC will also be liable to producing uterine most cancers, tummy most cancers, ovarian cancer, and cancers in the ureters (the tubes that link the kidneys for the bladder), and the bile ducts.

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At times, the health care Skilled might receive a "tumor marker" blood exam referred to as a carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) when there is a suspicion of cancer. CEA is often a compound produced by some colon and rectal cancer cells along with by some other sorts of cancers. It is sometimes found in large concentrations in sufferers with colorectal most cancers, particularly when the disorder has distribute. It can serve as a helpful examination to adhere to whether it is found to generally be elevated before the cancer is taken off. However, not all people with colorectal most cancers should have an elevated CEA regardless of whether their most cancers has distribute.

The surgeon then results in an opening (colostomy) about the abdominal wall by which stable squander from your colon is excreted. Specially skilled nurses (enterostomal therapists) might help patients regulate to colostomies, and many sufferers with colostomies return to a standard Way of life.

If a recurrence is mentioned both regionally or with metastatic spread, persons should be treated Using the intention of heal. One example is, if a completely new tumor were to recur within the liver, folks is often addressed with a mix of chemotherapy and surgical procedure (or refined radiation strategies) in hopes of eradicating the most cancers absolutely.

Nevertheless, there are actually specific negatives with the method as complications inside the orientation of your bowel, limitation in the abdominal exploration, and visceral malrotation complications. Trephine ileostomy needs to be performed with warning.

Bu bloğun hazırlanması sırasında referans olarak yararlandığım, gelecek yazılarımda kullanmak amacıyla kaydettiğim ve kolon kanserinin moleküler temeli ve genetik özellikleri ile ilgili olarak okunmasının yararlı olduğunu düşündüğüm temel bilgilerin bulunduğu yayınların listesini bu sayfada veriyorum. 

Üçüncü grupta, her iki özelliği de içeren uygulamalar bulunuyor. Besin girişini kısıtlayıcı yöntemlere ayarlanabilir gastrik bant (mide kelepçesi) ve sleeve gastrektomi (tüp mide) giriyor. Geçmişte kısıtlı sayıda hastaya uygulanabilen ve açık olarak gerçekleştirilen bu ameliyatlar, günümüzde obezitedeki artworkış nedeniyle daha sık uygulanmaya başladı. Laparoskopik cerrahinin gelişmesiyle obezite ameliyatları artık kapalı olarak, hatta göbekten tek kesiden yapılabiliyor.

- Sağlık sektörüne yönelik bilimsel makaleler, kitaplar ve bilgilendirici yayınları sağlamak.

Colonoscopy is actually a technique whereby a well being care Specialist inserts a lengthy, flexible viewing tube in to the rectum for the objective of inspecting The within of your entire colon. Colonoscopy is normally considered much more exact than barium enema X-rays, specifically in detecting tiny polyps. If colon polyps are observed, they usually are eliminated throughout the colonoscope and despatched into the pathologist.

Kolon kanseri ve check here kolorektal kanser ile ilgili daha detaylı bilgi edinmek isterseniz bu makalelere göz atabilirsiniz. Zamanla konu ile ilgili yayınlanan güncel makaleler oldukça ve okuduğum yeni yayınları bu listeye ekleyerek güncelleyeceğim. İyi okumalar...

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